Temples of Atlantis: Journey through Khem Program

In preparation for the Atlantean Priestess Awakening Egyptian Pilgrimage

November 14-25, 2023

4 spots remaining for the Spiritual Retreat of a lifetime!

When the Atlantean Priestesses knew their beloved continent was doomed to slip onto the ocean floor, they began to organize themselves as to preserve their rich history, customs and incredible knowledge of healing, vibration, oracular vision and the great mysteries of the Universe. 

Along with the great Priest-King Thoth, many of the High Priestesses lead charge into New Atlantis which became known as Khem

While modern Egyptologists theorize Egypt just came about roughly 4000 BCE, Khem was known far and wide to the ancients as early as 9500 BCE. Thoth spoke about Khem nearly 32,000 years ago in the Emerald Tablets. 

For far too long, the great Priestesses of Atlantis have remained in the shadows, afraid to share their gifts with the world once again in fear of betrayal, danger and exile. However the time has come to AWAKEN, HEAL & ACTIVATE with us as we walk the path of an Atlantean Priestess once again! 

Our journey through Khem will include deep preparations of body, mind and soul as we activate ourselves into remembrance and once again travel through the Atlantean tests of initiations. The transformation that each of us will undergo from the first online class, to the last day upon the sacred lands cannot be described, only experienced. 

That part of you that is Atlantean has found your way here, now what? 

NOW we AWAKEN, HEAL & ACTIVATE you upon your path!

It's time to see what happened after Atlantis fell, and to ignite that part of your being that went on to live in ancient Egypt, known as Khem.

We will journey through Khem the same way the ancient Atlanteans did; an initiation to conquer our fears, remember our ancient soul's essence and mission, and ignite the Kundalini serpent energy to achieve enlightenment. 

We will be coming together monthly, with online classes, to activate each chakra and connect to the Neteru honoured at each sacred site. Students will also receive cosmic activations, healings and access to the Akashic Records for further enlightenment and integration.

Journey through Khem Online Course:

12 online classes via Zoom, each between 2.5-3.0 hours in length and running March through December of 2023

Classes run mostly on the 1st or 2nd Sundays of the month (excluding Canadian long weekends) and are scheduled 11am-2pm MT

Class structure includes oral history, discussions, and guided meditation with activations of the chakras, Egyptian energetic bodies, and a deep connection to the Egyptian Neteru

12 Pre-recorded meditations to connect with those Star Nations who influenced Atlantis & Khem including: Sirius, Lyra, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Orion, Regulus, the Hathors & Blue Avians

One 30 minute Akashic Records reading to connect you to your lives in Atlantis and/or Khem, upgraded to 60 mins when you pay in full

One 60 minute Alchemical Healing to awaken your remembrance of your inner Atlantean light 

Includes 10 month membership for Cosmic Activation Cocktails under the Galactic Temples of Light

Valued at over $5500, Tuition for this course is NOT inluded in the Egyptian tour pricing.

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Earth Star Chakra with Geb

Geb is famed as the God of life, beneath the earth. The quintessential green god of fertility, the god of earth and vegetation, who is closely associated with his son, Osiris. 

Geb is said to be worshipped at Heliopolis, a suburb of modern day Cairo. Associated with worship of sun-deities, Heliopolis was believed to be the birthplace of the company of the gods, called the Ennead and where creation began. 

Class #1 February 12

Introductions & Opening Ceremony

Activate with Geb and your Earth Star Chakra

Journey through the heart of the Sphinx to come into the frequencies of the Egyptian Neteru. 

Pre-Recorded Meditation:

The Pleiades with Maia & Celaeno

Suggested Reading:

Atlantis & Lemuria by Shirley Andrews

Survivors of Atlantis by Frank Joseph

Root Chakra with Khnum

The name Khnum means to create and is said to create the body of every living creature on Earth. He crafts the human body and its ka spirit, creating a spiritual link between them. Khnum works in the astral plane closest to earthly manifestation.

Elephantine Island was a major port on the Nile in ancient times. It has a Nilometer, Khnum temple and the remains of the old town and Jewish temple that was once located there. 

There are some stories that the Ark of the Covenant was once kept secretly on the island. 

Class #2 March 5

Journey with Khnum to rebuild the layers of the body. Find a deeper spiritual connection and rejuvenated mind, body and soul.

Pre-recorded Meditation to practice this month:

Deep body healing & integration with the Orions from Rigel & Saiph

Suggested Reading:

The Union of Isis & Thoth by Normandi Ellis & Nicki Scully

Sacral Chakra with Sobek

 Sobek is the crocodile Neteru, representing fertility and power. Integrating the reptilian aspect of human DNA and the sacral chakra, overcoming fear with the right use of power and healthy sexuality, the potency of the fertile principle in Nature.

 In Egyptian mythology, Sobek guards Ra through the journey into the underworld and helps him devour the enemy represented by the three headed serpent, Apep. He represents the shadowy realm beneath our consciousness.

Sobek helps us to be in our bodies through a strong grounding influence.

Class #3 April 2

We will undergo a brain reconstruction and reconciliation with Sobek & Horus as well as a 

Sacral Chakra activation

Pre-recorded Meditation to practice this month:

Travel to the Temple of Tomar on Arcturus I for deep healing & re-patterning of the subconscious

Suggested Reading:

The Union of Isis & Thoth by Normandi Ellis & Nicki Scully

Naval Chakra with Anubis

Constructed over hundreds of years by Amenhotep III, Ramses II, Tutankhamun, and other pharaohs, Luxor Temple was the largest and most significant religious centre in ancient Egypt.

Commonly known as a funerary god, Anubis carries the canine sensitivities of a jackal to find anything that is in a state of decay. Lord of the underworld, Anubis helps us all dream the eternal dream.

Class #4 May 7

We will enter our inner dream world to connect with lost parts of our soul and rediscover that which has been hidden.

Pre-recorded Meditation to practice this month:

Journey to the Lake of Great Change with the Andromedans.

Suggested Reading:

Atlantis by Shirley Andrews

Angels and the Keys to Paradise by Stewart Pearce

Solar Plexus Chakra with Sekhmet

Karnak features a mass amount of temples representing the various Egyptian Dynasties held on powerful ley lines. Built to connect humanity to the Divine realm of the Neteru, we will journey to the shrine of Sekhmet and Ptah. 

Sekhmet is a High Priestess of Atlantis associated with it's destruction. Known as the goddess of fire, war and healing, Sekhmet is an energy that cannot be ignored.

Class #5 June 11

We will harness the power of our inner lion/ess with Sekhmet . Shed the old and rehashed to emerge into new strength, freedom and courage.

Pre-recorded Meditation to practice this month:

Lionsgate Activation with Sekhmet

Suggested Reading:

Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess by Nikki Scully

Sekhmet & Bastet by Lesley Jackson

Heart Chakra with Hathor

 Hathor is the Birthing principle of Nature, the archetype of the Divine Nourisher, the nourishing mother aspect, her symbol is the cow, representing nourishment and her tools are music, sound, healing, dance and all the gentle nourishing qualities of the mother. 

She is the birthing principle. The Lady of Love, Venus, the Healer, and the heavenly seven maidens / heavenly realms. 

Class #6 July 9

We will journey with Hathor to experience birth, rebirth, nourishment and healing. Connecting to ancient timelines and wisdoms, we will sit in the Dendera temple, surrounded by the pillars of Hathor.

Pre-recorded Meditation to practice this month:

 Experience the deep love of the Hadarians for healing of the divine feminine

Suggested Reading:

The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyon

The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra

Hathor by Lesley Jackson

Throat Chakra with Ma'At

Hatshepsut (c.1473–1458 BC), the queen who became pharaoh, built a magnificent temple at Deir al-Bahari, on the west back of Luxor. It lies directly across the Nile from Karnak Temple, the main sanctuary of the god Amun. Hatshepsut’s temple, Djeser-djeseru “the Holy of Holies."

Ma'at is both the goddess and the personification of truth, cosmic balance, and justice. Her ostrich feather represents truth. 

Class #7 July 31

We will journey with some powerful Egyptian goddesses Wadjet, Nekhbet & Ma'at to face the old and decrepit, break down to the bones, seed new dreams, and find divine bliss in the balance of living a heart-centred life.

We will speak our highest truths through our empowered Throat Chakra.

Pre-recorded Meditation to practice this month:

Sound Frequencies with the Vegans

Suggested Reading:

The Gifts of Ma'at by Zahra Indigo Ronlov

The Union of Isis & Thoth by Nikki Scully

Third Eye Chakra with Horus

 Heru (Horus) is the Sun King, symbolized by the Falcon with the Crown and the Eye of Horus which represents the Pineal Gland. 

His temple is at Edfu, built between 237 BC and 57 BC, into the reign of Cleopatra VII. Of all the temple remains in Egypt, the Temple of Horus at Edfu is the most completely preserved.

This is the Divine Masculine energy representing the Pharaoh King of Egypt, who is the spiritual leader of the people, the realized Divine Principle. The one who mediates between the people and the Neteru. 

The energy of Horus relates to the Pineal Gland and Third Eye. The Seer and Guardian of the Spiritual Realm.

Class #8 August 27

Expand & activate your Third Eye with Horus, bring in greater perspective of the bigger picture.

Pre-recorded Meditation to practice this month:

Journey with Horus, Thoth & the Blue Avians

Suggested Reading:

The Empires of Atlantis by Marco M. Vigato

The Angels of Atlantis by Stewart Pearce

Crown Chakra with Thoth

Thoth is the great Atlantean Priest-King, god of wisdom, writing, science, mathematics, sacred geometry, healing and the Akashic Records.

He is honoured at the Temple of Dakka in Aswan as well as various locations across Egypt.

Thoth is one of the great Master Teachers of the Universe, often known as a scribe and associated with Hermes & Mercury.

Class #9 September 10

Expand & activate your Crown chakra with Thoth, allowing for a greater expansion of your consciousness and a powerful receiver of potent transmissions.

Pre-recorded Meditation to practice this month:

Journey in the Akashic Realm with Thoth & Seshet

Suggested Reading:

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

The Tablets of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman

Causal Chakra with Osiris

The temple at Abydos is dedicated to Osiris, the archetype of the Divine Primordial Father. Symbolically represented by the Djed Pillar of light, which correspond to the spine and lingam in the human body. 

Representing the principle of Resurrection, Renewal, and Regeneration through the journey of the Soul into the afterlife going through the cycle of Rebirth. 

Class #10 October 1

We will activate through the Flower of Life and experience the death and rebirth cycles that Osiris oversees.

Pre-recorded Meditation to practice this month:

Connect with Al Nitak & Al Nilam in peace row of the Orion Constellation

Suggested Reading:

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Discover Atlantis by Diana Cooper

Soul Star Chakra with Isis

Isis is the Divine Cosmic Mother, the principle of the Feminine Creative Power, the creative power that conceived, both physically and metaphysically, all living creatures. She is known as the goddess of 10,000 names.

Representing both the Universal Womb and Earth. Her symbol is the Throne as she is the Crown of Creation and her star is Sirius (Sothis), the blue star. 

Class #11-October 22

Activate with Isis & Nephthys

Attune to the divine feminine nature within ourselves in both the light and shadow.

Activate the Soul Star Chakra for greater downloads from the Sirians.

Pre-recorded Meditation to practice this month:

Sothis/Sirius A activation

Suggested Reading:

The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra

Ancient Egyptian Magic by Eleanor Harris

Dreams of Isis by Normandi Ellis

Feasts of Light by Normandi Ellis

Stellar Gateway with Ra

Abu Ghurab & the Giza Plateau

A few hundred meters to the north of the first sun temple built at Abusir, in a place called Abu Ghurab (an Arabic phrase meaning "Father of Ravens") about six miles southwest of Cairo, lies the ruins of the second sun temple to have been found and investigated archaeologically to-date.

According to Thoth, the Sphinx was created at least 5.5 million years ago, while the Great Pyramid itself is thought to house a ship that is over 500 million years old. 

Class #12-November 5

Astral travel to the Queen's Chamber & King's Chamber to prepare for initiation and ascension. Face your shadows and empower your inner light while expanding your consciousness and connection to all things. Discover the inner stargate for greater illumination and connect to Ra, the Great Sun God, for a stellar gateway activation.

Pre-recorded Meditations to practice this month:

Alpha Centuari with Ra & Chiron

Suggested Reading:

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volumes I & II by Drunvalo Melchizedek

From Atlantis to the Sphinx by Colin Wilson

Nothing in this Book is True buy Bob Frissell

I cannot adequately explain what it means to me to walk alongside my friends, students and clients on the journey before us. Only that it will change our lives in the most momentous of ways.

My pledge as your teacher, guide and healer, is that I will show up, in my highest form, each and every time we meet, channeling all that wants to be shared and delivered, to take you to new plateaus of consciousness and connection to self.

Through the Galactics, the Atlanteans and the Egyptians, my ancient soul welcomes you home.

I love you and am grateful for you!


Golden Atlantean blessings always,


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